A moment of re-finding myself

Photo by Patricia Zavala on Unsplash

A familiar path
​in the dark before dawn
I find myself searching
​​​​but no longer alone

Taking me back to when
​​my soul was at rest
the pleading now ended
​​​​and fulfilled my request

The stirrings within
at the times I was tossed
covered all my hope’s light
and in shadows felt lost…

Because it must

Photo by Kevin Bluer on Unsplash

The river journeys to the sea,
but could never possibly comprehend
its vastness and depth.

It journeys on
because it must.

Never stopping to ask why,
not pausing to question its own worth
or if it’s good enough.

How often does it think about the sea,
or back to the simple…

Terrence Litwiller

Terrence Litwiller

new writer… old soul… memoirs and reflections from the journey to find my true heart and purpose and to live a life of significance